Cabbage Soup Diet

The aim with the Cabbage Soup diet is quick weight loss over a period of seven days.

Cabbage Soup Recipe

* 2 Green Peppers
* 3 Carrots
* 6 Large Green onions
* 1 or 2 Cans of Tomatoes (Diced or whole)
* Half a head of cabbage
* 1 Bunch of Celery
* 1 Container (10oz or so) of Mushrooms
* 1 48oz Can of V8 Juice (Optional)
* 1 Packet of Lipton Soup Mix (Onion)
* 1 or 2 Cubes of Bouillon
* Season to taste with Salt, Parsley, Pepper, Garlic or Curry Powder

Day 1: Cabbage Soup and as much fruit as you like- excluding Banana’s. Drink unsweetened tea, Black Coffee, Cranberry Juice or Water Eat as much soup as you like today.
Day 2: Cabbage Soup as you like also as much fresh, cooked or raw vegetables as you need. Avoid sweet corn, peas and also dry beans. No fruit today!
Day 3: Cabbage Soup plus fruit and vegetables (excluding Banana’s and Potatoes) – Combine days 2 & 3
Day 4: Cabbage Soup plus up to eight bananas (3-4) and as much skimmed milk as you please.
Day 5: Cabbage Soup plus 10-20 (300g-500g) ounces of Beef and up to six tomatoes fresh or tinned. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water to wash away the Uric Acid from your body.
Day 6: Cabbage Soup plus as much beef and vegetables as you desire (excluding Potatoes)
Day 7: Cabbage Soup plus brown rice, vegetables (excluding Potatoes) and unsweetened fruit juice.

Many Recipes for the Cabbage Soup Diet vary but are all based on Cabbage, tinned Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Celery, Onions, Mushrooms and Onion Soup Mix.

Does the Cabbage Soup Diet actually work? This Diet is good for Short-term Weight Loss or for an occasion coming up but not recommended for Long-term as a result, any Weight Lost will likely be gained back when a person returns to their previous eating habits.